Should children have access to social media apps?

Many people think social media Is a big part of their lives-especially to socialise.For example, recently the pandemic has kept us at home when you feel alone you can use social media to communicate with your friends. Playing games, Video calling and chatting are different ways social media helps you connect with each other.

However, some people disagree.They believe this is a negative side of social media.Talking to strangers online reduces self esteem.You can bullied by other people on what you look like which can cause insecurities.

On the flip side research shows that social media can reduce stress levels if used for the right amount of time per day. Enjoying some fun time through social media is no harm to a child.Funny content can help stressed children get rid of problems and concentrate on fun.

Unfortunately, there are reasons why people think spending too much time on social media is bad, mainly for children.Spending too much time with your eyes glued to the screen can lead to bad eyesight and cause much more.Parents suggest instead of children scrolling and texting on social media they could be playing outside an getting exercise.Parents all believe children could be doing schoolwork and improving their education.

Of course there are children that don’t want to listen and keep using social media but there are definitely ways that you can get your child off social media.There will be another article to explain ways parents can get their children off social media.

So now that this concludes the article ,we can see that social media is not too bad for children but maybe having children use social media less and of course use parental controls can help.

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