Well we may all have heard of the app Tik Tok. This is a social media platform in which you can make food dance makeup videos and even more.not everyone could have an opportunity to share there talents on Tik Tok.Parents of young children have a bad opinion on young children making content on Tik Tok.They think Tik Tok is a bad influence.

Well there may be some negativity but people like Charli Damelio and Addison Rae have different point of views.

Charli Damelio used to be an ordinary girl in high school and then one day she tried out Tik Tok which changed her life.she made a dance video duetting move_with_joy.It was simple dance routine which resulted to her having 5 million followers in 5 months.

Addison Rae started by making dance videos with her mom Sheri Earstling. Everyone started loving her dancing skills and of course her mom and then she gained her amazing followers and fan base.

Hi I am a very young writer trying my best so all I need is your support and inspiration.